I am Jiří Otáhal,
React & React Native developer
from Czech Republic

I started my programming journey as a backend developer. Loved working with C-family languages. Was enjoying to design structures and databases.

The change came with my passion for UI/UX. I wanted to be closer to users. I came across of Angular (v1 that time). It was a good experience with front-end development. Anyway, I didn't like how the Angular worked.

That's why I started learning React and later React Native. I just love it. Now I have 2 open source libraries for React Native. Writing a blog about animations in React Native. And learning everything about a performance of React Native.

I currently enjoy a beautiful New Zealand. Live in Tauranga. I love sports, photography, business, traveling and spending time with family and friends.


You can find projects I am enjoying right now in this section.


This is my hobby. Available on Google Play and Apple Store.

I love startups. I love that enthusiasm. I love that people actually work for 150% to make their dreams alive. I always feel so much energy. Some people watch Netflix. Some people play games. Some people work on their dreams. I always wanted to be like them. That's why I work on Savee.io.

You can learn a lot when you work on your dreams. I am learning about marketing. What works and what doesn't. There is actually no manager that would say what you should do. All is up to you. You can change everything. There is a lot of fun behind. Lot of work. Lot of skills you can get.

Try it as well!


React Native Materil UI

I am an author of open-sourced library called react-native-material-ui. Provides highly customizable material design components for React Native. It has already received more that 2k stars on github.


React Native Motion

My another open source project was created while I was writing a post about animated transitions in React Native. The library is called react-native-motion and it has got almost 1k stars on github.



I try to return back as much as possible to the community. That's why I am writing a blog about animations in React Native, about programming in general and about building the Savee.io. Check out blog.xotahal.cz


What People Say About Me

You can find more on my LinkedIn account


Talent, Self-reliance, Trust. These are the three words I would use to describe Jiri. I worked with him for more than 2 years in Reservio. He brought a lot meaningful processes to our company that helped us to become a more mature developer company. I have always loved to discuss things and share constructive critics with Jiri. Everything he does, he does it with enthusiasm. And not only development. I'm really glad that he worked with us!

Frantisek Mazuch

Jiri is the man you want to work with. He has great skills, he exactly knows what he is doing and why and he is also an excellent mentor. I learned a lot from him. He is also very nice and always willing. I bet you will not regret if you will work with him.

Jan Ziemba

I had the pleasure of managing Jiri. He is a very talented developer who was able to hitting the ground running from day one. He added a lot of value to the project he was working on and also was always proactive in suggesting ideas for improvements both on a technical level as well as ways to improve the development process within the team. He would definitely be an asset to any organisation.

Paul Green

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